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(27) Christine Schmidt Missing Child.

Mounds View Police told me when I called the little girl was found the next day, just lost, but for years they keep getting calls like mine and would I do something to let everyone know not to send the message again on the Internet.

Please Angels ..... Read and forward !!!!!!!!!!!!

My name is Christine Schmidt. I live in Mounds View, Minnesota and my little 20 month old girl is missing. Her name is Krystava Patients Schmidt.

She was last seen with an acquaintance of mine named Becky (Rebecca) Lynn Dearmond on July 10, 1997. Becky took my grandmother's car and Krystava. The car is a 1997 blue Neon license plate number ANX 437.

need your help....please! I am sending a photo with this letter in hopes that you will pass this letter to everyone you know on the Internet and print the photo of Krystava and post it wherever you can in your neighborhood. If you have seen her, or suspect anything suspicious, please contact the Mounds View Police at (612) 484-9155 as soon as possible. PLEASE forward this letter to as many people you know and post the picture of my little girl wherever you can. Please pray for us too!

Thank you in advance for your support and cooperation.

Christine Schmidt

Guys, are you ever gonna have at least a little compassion, please have it now. I can't even imagine the pain this lady is going through. Just send it to everyone you know. Take 10 minutes and do this, even if you don't have AOL 4.0 just send it one to other people, they might and you might help find a little missing child. Pray for her and her family.

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