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In the "old days," and I am not talking about George M. Cohan days, but ten years ago, AOL, CompuServe, and Prodigy were the only private networks. Connections were 2400 baud. I remember when I used to connect on AOL at 9600 baud and thought that was "fast." Wow!!!

To save time, just like they do in ham radio or even police calls with codes, e-mail users came up with their own codes. They are still used today. They are intended to be read sideways.

If you have a favorite "Smilie" or "Code," please send it to me and I will post it here:

Basic Smilies
:-)Standard Smiley. Just joking, implies humour.
;-)Winking Smiley. Used when you make a sarcastic remark.
:-(Sad Smiley. Used when you didn't like something, or to imply sadness.
Popular Smilies
:-!Foot in mouth.
:-#Wears braces/been hit in the mouth. or Censored
:-$Put your money where your mouth is.
:-&Tongue tied.
:-OYelling / Wow!
:_)Tongue in cheek.
=-)Sideways smily face.
$-)Just won the lottery
>;->Winky and devil combined. A vary lewd remark just made.
:-->User just made a very devilish remark.
:->Just made a really biting sarcastic remark.
Smilies with Emotion
:-<Very sad.
:-DLaughing / Sad with a smile.
:-@Screaming / I swear.
:-|Hmmm.... Don't know what to think.
:-PSticking your tongue out / Tungue hanging out in anticipation.
:-XMy lips are sealed / A big wet kiss.
;-)Say no more (nudge nudge, wink wink).
:-xKiss, Kiss.
:-cReal unhappy
:-|Dead face
:-IIndifferent, better than a Frowning but, not quite as good as happy Smiley / Grim.
:-( )Shocked
:-o zz z z Z ZBored
:-CUnbelieving (jaw dropped) /Really bummed out.
:-o"Oh, nooooooo!"
:-TKeeping a straight face
:-)))Very emotive (suggested by Kay, Trieste, Italy)
Miscellaneous Smilies
(o:o)Siamese Twins
*<|:O)A Clown
|-)Falling asleep.
.-)One eyed.
(-:Left handed.
8-)Wearing sun glasses.
B-)Wearing horn rimmed glasses.
@@@:-)Marge Simpson.
:----->Pinnochio or Liar
:)Smilie without a nose
:@)Smilie with a piggy nose
:^)Smilie with a bent nose
:*)Smilie with a nose of a clown
:~)Smilie with a strange nose
:-[]Robot face
:-}Smilie with a curly smile
:->Smilie with straight smile Ver. 1
:-]Smilie with straight smile Ver. 2
:-[Count Dracula
:-#Censored / My lips are sealed.
:-jSmoking and smiling
:-[#]Smilie with braces
:-SSick smilie
!-(Black-eyed face
0-)Cyclops smilie
%-)Surfing to long
%)Artistic face
:-7User made a wry statement
[:]User is a robot
:-"Pursing lips
|-(Late night messages

Turned Faces

:^UTurned face
:^YTurned poker face
:^rBleahhh (sticking tongue out)
:^yTurned smiling face
:^WTurned face with tongue out / Speaking with forked tongue.
:^"Pursing lips

Smilies with Accessories

:-{)Smilie with a moutashe
{:-)Smilie with hair
@@:)Smilie with bee-hive hair
:)Smilie with permed hair
[:-)Wearing a walkman
K:-)Smilie with a graduation hat
d:-)Smilie with a cap
C|:-)Smilie with a bowler hat
]:-)Smilie with a nurse hat
(:-)Smilie with a skull-cap (or a bicycle helmet)
#:-)Smilie with a fur hat
*<:-)Smilie with hat and pom-pom (cold weather smilie)
:-)=Smilie with beard
=|:-)=Uncle Sam
&:-)Smilie with curly hair
@:-)Smilie with wavy hair
B:-)Sunglasses on head
::)Wears glasses
8-)Wearing glasses
+<:-|Monk / Nun
IMHOIn my humble opinion.
LOLLaughing out loud.
OTFLOn the floor (laughing).
ROTFLRolling on the floor (laughing).
BRBBe right back.
BTWBy the Way.
CYASee you.
CYL8TERSee you later.
FYIFor Your information.


E-mail Signature Museum

Smilies were one of the first internet "in" things, as connections were slow and abbreviations saved time. Popular today are "signatures" at the bottom of e-mail messages. Some even attach their "card." Others have sayings, quotes, or as I do, what happened in American History today.

The E-mail Signature Museum has a collection of signatures, short tag lines and ASCII text, included commonly at the bottom of e-mail messages. This collection may give you some ideas on improving yours. Short tag lines and other art.

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