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Types of Leases

American Leasing Special Programs

* Master Lease---Increments until all equipment delivered.

**Deposit Lease---Deposit to seller of equipment, interest only until equipment delivered and accepted.
* One hour driving time from our office, minimum $20,000 total lease

The Master Lease pays for equipment on a schedule of delivery of equipment, with the lessee paying "interest" interim rent until all the equipment is delivered and accepted, then the lease will start.

The Deposit Lease gives the seller a 25% or 50% or even 75% up-front deposit on the order. The lessee pays interim "interest" rent until all the equipment is delivered and accepted, then the lease will start.

1. 60 Day Deferral Plan "A"

2. 60 Day Deferral Plan "B"

3. 90 Day Deferral Plan

4. $19.95 Security Deposit Only

5. 7 X $100 Program

6. 6 X $99 Program

7. Step-up Rate Program

8. Waive Payment Voucher Plan

9. Annual, Semi-Annual, and Quarterly Payments

10. Seasonal Payment Plan


American Leasing offers to your company a 60 Day Deferral Program in which the Lessee pays one month Security Deposit with documentation and then is not invoiced until 60 days after funding. Technically, the lessee does not make a first payment for ninety days after acceptance of equipment.


This is a true 90 day Deferral Plan. With this program, one or two months security deposit is collected at the signing of the lease, and the lessee pays $25.00 for each of the first 3 months followed by the normal term of 36, 48, or 60 months.


One month security deposit is collected at the signing of the lease. The lessee pays $25.00 for each of the first 3 months followed by the normal term of 36,48, or 60 months.

$19.95 Security Deposit

American Leasing helps you close customers requesting minimal up front costs to enter into a lease. That program is the $19.95 Security Deposit Program. With this program, the customer simply pays the $19.95 to American Leasing.

7 x $100 PROGRAM

The lessee pays a $100.00 Security Deposit and has their first six payments at $100.00. This is followed by 30, 42, or 54 payments.

6 x $99 PROGRAM

With this program, the lessee pays two (2) Security Deposits totaling $198.00. Their first six payments are $99.00 followed by 30, 42, or 54 payments remaining in the lease.


The Step Up Rate Program with reduced monthly payments for the first twelve months of the 3 to 5 year term leases offers attractive benefits for a number of different lessee's needs. It is an effective advantage to those customers who are particularly interested in maximizing their benefits versus cost during their first year of equipment use.

Waive Payment Voucher

The lessee may tailor their own payment plans with an option to remit up to three (3) vouchers a year, and six (6) vouchers total during the term of their lease, instead of making a full lease payment.

Requirements include:

1. Available on 36, 48, 60 month term only.
2. Lessee may utilize up to three vouchers per year, but not more than three consecutive payments.
3. Lessee pays $25.00 plus use tax with each voucher instead of a full lease payment.
4. Lessee must be current.

Annual, Semi-Annual, and Quarterly Payment Plan

Payments are made annually, semi-annually, or quarterly. This is popular for municipalities or government funded organizations.

Seasonal Payment Plan

This is for companies who have off seasons where they can choose three consecutive months they do not need to make a "monthly" payment. In effect, they make nine payments per year.

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