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Completed Leases 2000


We have our own money and partnerships to complete all types of leases using many different programs:master, deposit,pre-payment, progress payment plans.


Over 67% of our business is repeat with customers who have been with us for over 30 years.


During 2000, we completed some unusual leases ---




$4,496 Telephone System for Internet Marketing Consultant


$4,875 to $21,000 used forklifts, from two to twelve years old,

††† over twenty-five last year to all size companies.


$5,320 steam cleaner for building window cleaner

††† ( we have leased over twenty ofthese units last year ).


$6,059 computer system for sales representative and son

( recommendation of their accountant to lease for

††† tax advantage due to their high sales profits ).


$8,029 for used van for service company ( we eventually wound

†† up doing five for them in one year, as their company grew ).


$9,700 to $18,785 computerized video instruction system, over

††† forty of them all over the country to golf clubs, courses, schools,

††† and mobile instructors who go to corporations and conferences.


$10,200 skin abrasion machine for salon ( new venture ), based

††† solely on credit of two divorced owners.


$10,931 for two lawnmowers for landscaper.


$11,019 welding equipment for iron worker, going on his own..


$12,122laptops for Oracle software consultants( they eventually

†††† leased over $80,000 in laptops last year, and will replace them

††††† every 30 months with American Leasing. )


$13,000 for Swim Suit Web Site for well-established retailer

†† and distributor, 50% with order


$15,150 furniture and workstation for well-established branch

†† office of a major manufacturer, branch manager signature only.


$16,494 computers and software for satellite design company.


$16,882 with company putting down $15,000 for two year

†† true luxury automobile lease, residual to presidentís daughter.


$18,010 new computers for computer software training school.


$18,136 workstations for expanding sales office, project manager

††† signature only.


$19,225 computers/workstations to start-up dot com, secured

†† by certificate of deposit.


$19,277 long time transportation bus company, for office cubicles and furniture,†††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††

††††††††† signature only of controller


$31,916 computers for advertising company, spin off

††††† from a larger firm.



$35,402 video equipment, one year loss,

††† two year break even, but well-established, personal guarantee of president.



$42,223 for forklift for rental yard, originally a master lease, as

††† it took four months for delivery of all units, special order.


$44,944for high tech start-up, computer equipment, with personal guarantee of†††††††††††††

††††† four principals.


$47,930 for small Semiconductor Supply Distributor, computers,

††††† work cubicles, telephone, deposits with order, in three

††††† month move to Gold Country, president 81 years old

††††† and still going strong.


$61,510 for office cubicles, our fifth lease for this growing company.


$58,450 computers, furniture, playground equipment for childrenís

†††† center, sixth location.


$59,522 for internet radio consultants, 25% with order, 25% upon

†††† receipt in warehouse, 25% upon installation, 25% upon completion.


$60,127 for semiconductor test company coming out of slump,

†† closing one office, based solely on presidentís character and credit.



$68,000 air jet/plane gasoline used truck for aviation academy fleet

†††† from a helicopter company

†† ( airport price per gallon $3.10 to $3.85; off site $1.65 )


$73,947 software for well-establish Ethan Allen store, no personal guarantees

†† 25% with order, 25% delivery, remainder when finished.


$78,110 for computers for internet company, based solely on the

††† personal guarantee of the president.



$85,000 in computers for successful computer training school.


$85,336 expansion including construction, equipment master lease, progress

†††† payments for dental office.


$89,107 for printing press for twenty-five year old screen printing company


$90,137 Truck and Trailer for Honda Dealership Auto Racing Team

††† ( trailer finished before truck, so became master lease )


$127,827 laminating machine, 50% with the order.


$138,431 in two leases, due to delivery dates,for growing advertising†††††††††††††††††††††† ††††††††††††††††††

†††††††† company, office .cubicles and furniture,personal guarantee of owner and his††††††††††

††††††† wife, active in the company



$180,000 for expanding company, showing profits for two years,

†† but tax liens for several years due to cash flow; president and wife

††† guarantee, along with $50,000 downtoward cost of equipment.


$ 220,704 for high tech start-up, office cubicles and computer equipment, with††††††††††††

†††††††††† personal guarantees of principals.



$225,000 computers, software to start-up company, secured

†† by certificate of deposit.


$266,164 for high tech start-up,office cubicles and computer equipment, withpersonal guarantee of owner and his wife††††††††††††




$310,000 computers, printers, for medical company with offices

†† around the United States, based solely on the guarantee of

†† the chairman of the corporation. Several vendors, different

†† terms of payment, master lease.


$525,000 office workstations, much labor and design costs, for

†† Fortune 100 company.


$1,000,000 one year line of equipment lease credit for internet

††† start-up ( we acted as intermediaries )


$2,000,000 for on line magazine ( we acted as intermediaries )


$5,000,000 for internet advertising banner company ( we acted

††† as intermediaries )


$10,000,000 for fiber optics installation company ( we acted as

††††† intermediaries ).


During 1999, we completed some unusual leases -

$1,646 telephone add on to growing CPA firm. ( we have lease on the original larger telephone system )

$3,300 Propane back-up system for major Carmel Valley Country Club.

$3,713 in software lease for small machine shop ( many of these during the year ).

$4,362 furniture lease for the University of California at San Francisco.

$4,583 for very successful internet marketing person who works out of her apartment.

$4,977 Professional lawnmower for landscaper who pays everything with cash.

$6,057 for a welding company, where the equipment was stolen from a job site the first month of the lease, but replaced for free by insurance in less than a week.

$6,900 welding equipment for foreman leaving company to go on his own ( he left in very good stead, in fact, his former boss was sub-contracting work to him ).

$7,095 "software only" lease to a small insurance agency recently purchased by agent who worked there for over ten years.

$7,552 twenty-two year old reconditioned forklift to a precision machine shop.

$7,702 telephone lease to a very young company with the owner's mother guarantee.

$7,785 for computer system to temporary work agency new to area.

$8,351 in computers for printer/business from agent taking over business from father ( father also guaranteed lease ).

$8,941 copier for a very fast growing advertising company ( they leased a second one at the end of the year, too ).

$10,529 for up-date of computer system to beauty care wholesaler.

$10,789 five ATM machines for five location day care provider.

$13,633 Computer System up-grade for Dentist Son Who Also Became Dentist.

$14,000 Video-Computer Golf Analyzer for Golf Pro just opening Pro Shop.

$14,000 Video-Computer Golf Analyzer for One Hundred Year Plus Country Club.

$15,396 five computers for five location day care provider.

$18,543 for Dental Student for use at Endodontist College, guaranteed by father and will be utilized at their father and son office after son graduates ).

$19,109 dental chair/equipment to Peninsula dentist ( our seventh lease to his office over the years ).

$20,000 new counter displays to twenty-five year old very successful Optometrist.

$21,700 in office furniture for a company with three years losses in a row, but current business turned around; guarantee of president.

$22,730 in computers for a non-profit university graduate foundation.

$22,589 routers/switches for an internet provider's second location in Nevada.

$24,549 in playground equipment for Children's Daycare Provider.

$26,476 to a new internet consulting company, personal guarantee of the president.

$26,573 office furniture for expanding engineering firm, although major partner retired same year of expansion.

$34,229 for thirty computers located at the lessee's customer's office across the United States ( they were not sub-leasing them, but allowing their customers to connect to their main database and share information ).

$37,082 for two computer systems for Dentist's two offices in rural area, for use by entire office, billing each dentist separately but not equally.

$43,049 for Furniture Laminating Machine with manufacturer requiring 50% with order, 40% upon shipping, and 10% upon acceptance.

$47,041 for special tree company truck, requiring deposit in advance to build truck and container to custom specifications.

$48,917 for large Catering truck stationed outside restaurant, where customers either go inside or to catering truck in parking lot ( very popular due to location ) referred by their bank of over twenty years who turned him down.

$52,000 for used truck and trailer to female-operated San Francisco company where truck was totaled in first three months, but replaced with insurance settlement and salvage value of truck, due to our negotiations with insurance carrier.

$55,316 for up-dated special telephone system for medical transciption company.

$62,047 printing press for twenty year old company changing direction, two years previous losses due to marketplace; guarantee of the president.

$64,392 office furniture/workstations for one year old California Coast real estate firm ( excellent credit, length of time in profession).

$67,023 computers/office furniture for expanding CPA firm in Santa Clara.

$70,006 sale/leaseback Computer system for a certified financial planner ( 75% of the project was paid by the lessee over a year's time, when he decided to reach the system needed, it would be better to "cash out", re-finance what he had already paid for, and put all under a master lease. He decided cash would be better in other investments than depreciation).

$78,000 in computer equipment/software to a company leaving one industry to work more in another due to down turn in Asian marketplace resulting in previous year's loss.

$92,000 for computers, software in five states at over twenty-five medical hospitals.

$97,000 in computer/routers/switches for Computer/Internet Training School.

$144,594 for employment recruiter/temporary engineer employees, primarily from India.

$242,000 computer system master lease for major San Jose company where equipment was part of inventory for over a year due to long installation of software.

$389,000 furniture/office remodel for major law firm, master lease took over seven months to complete, with 50% deposit in advance to interior design architect firm, plus progress payments.

$550,000 office furniture/workstations master lease over four month delivery and installation, payments in advance and when job completed by various vendors.

$700,000 master lease for a growing CD-rom duplication company, with manufacturer requiring 50% deposit up-front when ordering special made equipment.

$1,100,000 master lease for an emerging internet routing company for use over one year's time.

$10,000,000 to a computer notebook manufacturer, venture backed ( one year master lease, one-third software ). J:completed leases 1999

Here are examples of leases we completed 1997/98:

$295 Furniture add on for an attorney, repeat customer.

$1,295 HP 6000 LaserJet printer for a software developer, repeat customer.

$1,995 Lawn aerator for landscaping repeat customer.

$2,470 Telephone system for young computer dealer (no personal guarantee).

$5,358 Computers for a medical record company not profitable for two years, but guaranteed by the president who has excellent credit (in the next one year period, we completed almost $100,000 in computers to complete the full up-grade).

$8,449 for a commercial lawnmower for Valley Christian School.

$8,593 Telephones to Internet Consultant, moving from his home to an office.

$8,890 Computer system for small, new ISP in Salinas, California, secured with the guarantee of his parents.

$9,405 Furniture for top Santa Clara labor attorney, moving to new offices (we are not afraid of attorneys).

$11,273 Chairs and barber poll to a top hair stylist leaving his partner of twenty years to go on his own.

$14,574 Computers/used furniture to software developer moving from his home to a new location.

$22,028 to Whole Foods Market for a trash compactor.

$24,144 in used equipment for expanding airplane repair facility.

$24,897 for new beauty salon equipment to financial executive who works part-time with his partner at their top San Francisco salon on Polk Street.

$27,706 for second coffee shop to person without any credit card or other consumer credit.

$31,509 for two new automobiles to a new US Corporation, but guarantee by Israeli parent company.

$33,195 Internet routers for expansion into this industry by Elko, Nevada computer service company.

$34,949 Workstations/furniture for major car dealership in Burlingame, California, opening many dealerships, and while they own and operate a vehicle leasing division, wanted to lease and gave us two personal guarantees, as well.

$35,000 Mold, with 10% security deposit, third on his Lake Tahoe vacation home, showing a problem year, but with excellent business plan and length in business.

$37,437 NC milling machine to a machinist showing minimal profit, as he works out his garage, cash business, no additional collateral, based on his excellent credit and contracts for work.

$43,300 Ten year old used commercial street sweeper.

$44,637 for used truck and trailer to female operated company in San Francisco (excellent credit, net worth, but had trouble financing, they said, due to age of vehicles and time in business).

$45,233 Routers and telephones to new Internet company based solely on personal credit, no additional security, five-year term.

$49,000 Laptop computers referred via the Internet, and telephone, and processed the transaction via Federal Express (no personal guarantees).

$53,368 Computer dealer to set-up ISP in a rural area of Colorado.

$57,190 to Draeger’s Supermarket for a trash compactor.

$57,863 Telephone system, workstations, furniture and playground equipment, installed in the ground for children’s daycare facility.

$65,000 Software only lease, electronic transfer to a video software developer (no sales tax/no personal property tax).

$68,668 Computer/network system for Legal Aid Society of Santa Clara (non-profit).

$81,890 Telephone dialer/computer system for major collection company.

$122,000 Computer/Internet for international sales distributing company.

$135,000 Laptop computers for relatively new real estate company (personally guaranteed by president).

$164,919 Computer system/software/labor without the president’s guarantee (no other leasing company would approve without his guarantee).

$234,104 Installation/labor 75%, hardware 25% for San Jose Convention and Visitors Bureau ( non-profit ).

$300,000 for computers/furniture/music/video/rugs/appliances for a leased home for a national law firm, which will house their attorneys rather than pay for hotel stays ( no personal guarantee, but secured by $300,000 letter of credit ).

$388,000 Computer systems for very rapidly expanding six location Dental office.

$537,000 in semiconductor equipment for company who lost major investment in Asia (personal guarantee of principals only).

$810,000 Master Lease for expanding distribution company, growing from $2 million in sales three years ago to $20 million today.

$1 million lease line of credit for venture backed company that has not turned profit yet
(no warrants, running rate well below prime)

$1.3 million for furniture/workstations for a new division of Philips Electronics.

$3 million one year lease line of credit for venture backed company without personal guarantees, warrants, favorable terms and sale/leaseback on existing equipment.

Over 60% of our business is repeat with customers who have been with us for over 25 years, such as Quality Tune-Up, and many others just as long such as Ms. Carita, Laser Impressions, Newton, Kastner & Remmel, to name a few (see New Programs or Customer Comments).

During 1996, we completed some unusual leases ---

$3,373 to an auto detailer who had just had almost four months of real down business due to the 1995 rains, but we were customers and knew the circumstances, which no other leasing company would consider.

$8,890 Web Server to a start-up Internet Company secured with guarantee of parents and $1900 certificate of deposit.

$9,549 twenty year old forklift to St. Vincent de Paul (It was reconditioned and perhaps in as good condition as when new).

$11,503 for two commercial lawn mowers for a landscaper who pays all trades with cash.

$11,941 to a software developer who works out of his residence and does not use any credit cards and only leased on the advise of his CPA.

$16,073 to the Morgan Hill Chamber of Commerce for a new computer system.

$23,210 to a ten year old "corporation only" whose last two years were losses, but they were introducing a new product we believed could turn them around.

$24,532 to a five-year-old real estate firm without personal guarantees of the five corporate partners who draw all profits and leave the corporation always producing a loss.

$24,782 to a beauty salon that five other leasing companies turned down because they did not believe she was in business as long as she stated on her application (all trades cash).

$26,540 master lease for the expansion of a one person beauty salon to a modern twelve station operation (a single lady who pays mostly cash for everything).

$27,486 for fifteen-year-old pavement power sweeper, originally used by the City of South San Francisco, on a nine payment yearly plan to accomodate his cashflow season.

$32,000 to a tow truck company who's owner went through divorce, lost mostly everything with credit problems (we took his free and clear tow truck as additional collateral).

$34,549 furniture/computer/copiers master lease to a new real estate office with the personal guarantee of the owner, who had a real following and has been a sales manager for a large firm for over ten years.

$36,789 to a tool and die maker for a NC milling machine who was reporting only $8,000 profit each year (we took a $20,000 security deposit).

$36,972 for 1969 Porsche for Insurance Agent that other leasing companies said was too above "book value".

$50,039 computer lease consisting of $28,000 in software and $10,000 in training, plus some hardware to a five year old company.

$51,210 to a CAD developer who was leaving his home operation to open an office, using all his credit cards, and seven other leasing companies turning him down until he came to us.

$54,000 for ten year old truck with a $25,000 special body built to haul fork lifts.

$58,800 in computer and software to a five year old company who only has recently started to turn a profit, with the personal guarantee of the single female president.

$65,000 software only, electronic transfer with no sales tax or insurance, to a four year old software developer who had only turned a profit in the last two years.

$68,000 kitchen equipment in fixtures, furniture, and display cases, for a second coffee store for a two and a half year old company where the owner only had one credit card and no other personal credit.

$85,000+ in computer workstations to a company not yet two years old, but with the personal guarantee of the principal who had been in the same industry for over ten years.

$103,780 computer upgrade to a 1886 law firm office who broke away from the parent in 1996 with the managing partner's guarantee only (none of the other partners were required to guarantee).

$200,000+ to a stock brokererage firm in a "master lease" as they went full bore on the Internet (small stockbrokerage firms are considered "too leveraged" for most leasing companies).

$300,000+ furniture and fixture lease to a three-year-old national law firm with no personal guarantees, but with a $300,000 letter of credit guarantee.

$325,000+ for furniture/fixtures/doors/glass/telephone system for a new office of a major real estate firm with all seven principals personally guaranteeing the lease.

$500,000+ we introduced to a bank to complete as a loan for a new dry cleaning plant (this is above our limit, and we refer such business).

$850,000 airplane we served as lease consultants with a fee from the lessee.

Three million dollar lease line for a manufacturer retailing their product with a consulting fee.

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