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Office Equipment/Furniture


Consolidated Office Distributors

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For new and used office furniture, work stations, and other office supplies, this is the place for the best price for the best quality.We do all their equipment, installation, & deposit lease financing.

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DoveBid Business Auctions Worldwide

650-571-7400, ext. 675
800-343-3783, etx. 675
Jon Arnold

He specializes in office furnishes and equipment. He is the manager of this department. Worldwide business auctioneers since 1937. This company specializes in surplus equipment from bankruptcies, plant closures, off lease, and companies moving. The charge a flat commission of 5%. All bids are welcome.


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Liberty Lighting

For the bulbs and fixtures, including outdoor, that you can’t find at Orchard Supply or Home Depot, here is the place to go. You will also find he has items in stock, and often lower than prices as he is "wholesale," selling to distributors and also direct. They are also lighting experts, plus have great landscape fixtures for your home or office (in stock, and they deliver, if you need that to and you can visit them as they are at the corner of Reed and De La Cruz in Santa Clara).

FAX: 408-748-9978
2160 De La Cruz Blvd
Santa Clara, CA 95050

General Information:
Sales & Customer Support: 1-800-589-9152

*** * ***


OPI, your Internet Dealer.

The workplace is constantly evolving with new demands being placed on facilities and office workers everyday. What once were trendy ways of working are now proven, established work styles. Admittedly, it's sometimes hard to keep pace.

Sound office design can have a significant impact on your employees and the way they work. The right layout combined with quality furniture and services can help you create a workplace that fosters teamwork, utilizes space effectively, promotes worker health and safety, meets local codes and standards, and, most importantly, boosts worker productivity.

Office Products + Interiors offers an individually tailored approach to creating your unique business environment, whether the office resides in your home or at your workplace. The OPI approach is further enhanced by automated electronic drawing and CAD services offered by our professional staff. Our unique web-based Design Studio allows you and OPI to remotely interact when it is convenient to you - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Furnishing remote locations is a breeze. Take a look and email us about this unique time and money saving service from the comfort of your own computer or call us at (800) 962-4052.

OPI is a sales and service partner with Haworth, one of the world's leading manufacturers of quality office furniture. Our local support services, coupled with Haworth's world class furniture and capabilities, creates an unbeatable combination.

Phone: (800) 962-4052 Fax: (831) 375-6983
All Rights Reserved
Copyright 1998

Virgil Moore <>

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Salvation Army

A great place for used furniture, desks, chairs, electronic equipment. You can buy software real cheap and purchase an up-grade as you will have a serial number. Or go to the boutique and see what quality things people have donated.

The Salvation Army Thrift Store is the sole support of their rehabilitation program. All the money earned from the sale of these items goes 100% to this six month program.


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348 Mathew Street, Santa Clara, California 95050
(The heart of Silicon Valley - home of AMD, Intel,
National Semiconductor, 3COM, Yahoo, among many others)

Voice: 800-727-3844 Fax: 800-727-3851