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Free software that allows you to navigate the web faster and easier.
For banner or other advertising, Adam Tuttle

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For free virus check.

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Automated Letter ! ! !

Here is a site that has software, address, and everything you need to write a quick letter. You want to write to Michael Dell of Dell Computers, Mayor Willie Brown of San Francisco, or Regis Philbin....

It is easy and fast at:

*** * ***

This is from our Web Master Craig Graham:

Well, I just finished testing a new service on the internet. How does the sound of FREE long-distance sound?! Well, it is now truly possible with the new Voice Over IP (VoIP) technology being deployed by With their software you can dial ANY real telephone number through the computer and talk to a land line phone via the Internet. I called Montana, New Hampshire, and Pennsylvania through my computer (requires soundcard, speakers, and a microphone) and talked to people there. I only have a half-duplex soundcard so it was like operating a walkie-talkie. The new soundcards are enabled with FULL-duplex which enables the ability to hear the person and talk at the same time. The people I talked to reported that other than the walkie-talkie effect, I was coming through loud and clear on a 56K modem connection. I invite everyone to join up. There is no cost. The only catch is that they want you to fill out a survey. I think that can be bypassed.

*** * ***


You can receive faxes direct to your e-mail address, for free. This gives the sender the ability to fax directly to your e-mail account.
It is FREE !!!!!

My fax number to e-mail is: (781) 459-4789

*** * ***

Encarta Learning Zone

This is Microsoft "free" on line dictionary that talks. A larger version with thesaurus and style guide is available at $59.95 CD-ROM version. This site has about 60,000 of the roughly 100,000 word entries and contains a speaker icon that produces a tiny audio clip for the world's most common pronunciation in the United States.

Firewall Software

For those connecting by DSL or modem to the internet, meaning having an open line, you should consider a "Firewall." For home users, there is a free software program available from Zone Labs:

There are some other "consumer style" software products, such as Norton 2000 Security. I have heard a few reports about difficulties in setting up this program. As a matter of fact, on putting "firewall software" on your computer, I recommend a professional do it for you. If you cannot find one in the Yellow Pages that will come out to your house for a reasonable price, try the white pages of the classified. It will be worth $50 to $175 to have a professional install it. I have seen ads for "consultants" from $35 to $85 an hour with a two hour minimum. Several companies such as Fry's Electronics, CompUSA, among others, have a $49.75 per hour service fee. Up-grade your ram and also have them install this program or buy a "firewall" program from them.

You can spend from $400 to $5,000 for "Firewall" software for a small business. There are many levels. The large corporations spend quite a bit more. In reality, hackers can break into any they want to. However, even Zone Labs will keep out the great majority of amateurs, and is worth the effort. Web Intruder from is another product we recommend.

*** * ***


The Latest on What is Happening on the Internet
(also free downloads and other goodies)

*** * ***


Better than Two Cows or any other shareware or where to get software free, and the latest stuff, too:

*** * ***

Links to Free Web and other graphics

*** * ***


Now available as a complete FREE download.

With Net.Medic, you can monitor you online experience and gain tremendus insight into how the Internet is performing to you.

*** * ***
Free "Poll" format for your web page

*** * ***


The best place to get free up-dates, including the latest virus protection:

*** * ***

You get a free tune-up; opinions on your web site. Very valuable information.

You may also subscribe to their services. We have utilized all their services for all the sites we maintain. We have continuing services and tune-ups, including Hitometer to supplement the web trend and other reports we get.

An internet consultant is best. But if you can’t afford it, or want to supplement what you have, we have tried many of the others services, and found Websitegarage the "best bang for the buck."

*** * ***

Print Screen Software

For years, we have used "Print Screen." This is a feature that was once available in DOS. You will find the button on every keyboard made, but it does not work in Windows--- unless you have the Windows software to make it work.

In the old DOS, any picture on the screen could be printed. Windows has a button to "print." However, there are many times when you want to save a setting, or a page, that does not print, or a warning or anything. With this software, your "Print Screen" button will work:

*** * ***

Dan Sorkin of pointed this out. It is available for free. About 60,000 of the roughly 100,000 word entries posted on the Encarta World EnglishDictionary site ( a small speaker icon. When clicked, it produces a short bit with the most common pronucinciaton in the United Sates.

This online version of the dictionary is available for free. You can by the Microsoft CD Version with a thesaurus and style guide.



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