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An Empire Wilderness: Travels into America’s Future
by Robert D. Kaplan

This is a very thought provoking, challenging, very modern history: today versus tomorrow. I don’t agree with many or even much of the author’s conclusions, but the journalist’s reporting eye appears very accurate, the contrasts eye opening, and I felt I was back in college when I was reading this. If he had left out some of his opinions, this would have been excellent, but the facts he brings up woke me up.

Building Wealth: The new Rules for Individuals, Companies and Nations.
by Lester C. Thurow

This is a fascinating book from a very stimulating economist and historian.
Sections of this book appeared in the June, 1999
Atlantic Monthly.

"Dancing Naked"
Robert C. Chope, Ph.D

This book is aimed at employees who are interested in changing their career or their job, depending on age and circumstance. As an employer, I purchased this book to learn how "new" employees were thinking. I learned a lot from the employee's viewpoint, but found many of the chapters extremely thought provoking and useful for employers.

The last part of the book is primarily great advice, but the first part of the book I could not put down as it taught me quite a bit. In fact, I have passed it on to some business owners I know as I found the information very useful. The book is also very well written and easy to read.

Decantations: Reflections on Wine
by frank J. Prial

I Love Paul Revere, Whether He Rode or Not

by Richard Shenkman

This is both a very entertaining and informative short book about myths in American history.  The chapters are by subject, ratherthan dates, and you do not have to read in sequence.The book is extremely well footnoted for accuracy, with many page notes, too.

The internet today is creating new myths because when

we hear it enough, we begin to believe it. Shenkman, author

of other such books, one a past New Times Best seller, “Legends, Lies & Cherished Myths of American History,” perhaps sums up his latest in the last paragraph:

“The mistake is not creating myths but in pretending the myths are true, which breeds suspicion when it is discovered they are not. Actually, we can have our myths and truth, too. Myths serve as symbols of cultural unity even when their fictitiousness is well established.  Just because Santa Claus is a fantasy doesn’t mean we have to take him out and shoot him.”

199 pages plus notes

John Madden’s Ulitimate Tailgating
by Viking Press

These are collections of recipe's John Madden's staff collected all over the country. He tried them during his bus trip plus a special "cook off" and picked the best of the lot. They range "for four" or "12 to 18" and are both for novice and expert. The book also lists the football stadiums and their policies, that I think is worth the price of the book for this entertainment and knowledge.


"The Knowledge Web"
by James Burke
Simon & Schuster

This is almost like a technological "Ulysses" by James Joyce. The author almost does a stream of consciousness, and does repeat himself at least three or four times through the 262 page book ( available at Amazon in paperback ). It is a journey that reminds me of Andy Grove's book on change, as you see how inventions, and technology greatly influenced history and the advance of our knowledge. Most importantly, it shows how new things can make people a lot of money, those that don't change, lose a lot of money, and is fascinating---although the connections of events wanders from century to century and subject to subject. I thought this was not only fascinating, but there are many levels in the writing just as there are in James Joyce's fiction. This book is pure fact, however.


by Rudolph W. Giuliani

Mayor Giuliani's new book "Leadership" is available on line at Amazon for $16.35 plus shipping.
(There is talk he may be George W. Bushs vice-presidential candidate to replace Dick Cheney---you read it here first. ). While Giuliani is making the book promotion circuit, you might want to read another viewpoint.

Made in America
by Bill Bryson

(An informal history of the English Language in the United States) Morrow is the Publisher. Very humorous, thought provoking, educational as history tells us how words and expressions were formed with fascinating anecdotes.


Only the Paranoid Survive
by Andrew S. Grove

Former president and CEO of Intel Corporation, located here in Santa Clara, California.
I cold not put this book down. The 10X power concept and Strategic Inflection Points apply to all of us in business.
Well-written, fascinating, easy to understand; a reflection of the company he once served as "where the buck stops."


Ortho's All About Roses (Ortho's All About)
by Tommy Cairns, Ortho (Editor), Thomas Cairns

This is a best buy book on roses, $9.56 from 1999 edition. Thorough, up-to-date, well organized, best and accurate pictures, highly recommended for beginners and rosarians.


Past Imperfect: History According to the Movies
Henry Holt

Comparison of many of history's events as viewed by film makers compared to reality. Entertaining and educational. Thought provoking on how history can be changed by others, and somehow, what we remember is fantasy and not fact. Well written; easy to read. Will make you laugh and some of it will make you sad and provoke you. A book you will re-read again and again.


Risky Business
by Daniel S. Janal

He has written several books on the internet. His latest is serious, especially for those who market on the internet, attract business, and make "commitments.

This is an "Associates" book link. You can find any book through it. There is a finder’s fee for this. Any proceeds will go to the Salvation Army. We do not wish to make a financial profit from this. However, these were some of the books we recommend to you.

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