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Wine & Spirits

David Bruce Winery
21439 Bear Creek Road
Los Gatos, CA 95033
Telephone: 1(800)397-9972
Fax: 1(408)-395-5478

One of my favorite wine makers and a friend bottled a commemorative Pinot Noir when he turned 70 three years ago. He is a retired physician, who has been making a name for himself in the wine industry for over 40 years. He perhaps is the eminent winemaker in Santa Clara Valley. He personally makes the best American Pinot Noir, in the league of the finest Pinot Noir makers in the world. You can find on his website the commemorative Pinot Noir in an individual wooden box. I recommend you join his Pinot Noir Club, which we have.

June 21 we will be saluting him at our house in Saratoga on behalf of the Chaine des Rotisseurs and L'Ordre Mondial with "A Casual Afternoon with David Bruce."

You can also visit his winery, right off Bear Creek Road on Highway 880, a mile or so outside the main town of Los Gatos, California. He was the one of the last to make his winery a place to visit, concentrating more on making wine. A tasting will surely make you a fan. Worth the trip. He was also one of the first to come out with a cheap "red dog" wine. At one time, he would let us bring a jug and fill it, too. I don't think he does this anymore. His staff won't let him.

In the 1970's he made some great Chardonnay (still does), but had some off and on again years, meaning they were good, but not great like the prior year. It was the grapes, he said. So he hired a wine maker to work on the other varietals, even brought in relatives, and went to work on making his first love: the finest Pinot Noir wine in California.

I also very much like his Santa Cruz Mountain Cabernet Sauvignon. I recommend you join his Wine of the Month Club or his Pinot Noir Club. You won't be disappointed.

Dr. Bruce is also well-known contributor to the local community, active, and well- respected as one of the Oro de Gold "originals" a wine making legend in his own time.

Here are some pictures, over twenty-five years ago, taken when we were all younger.


Peter Carter, Dr. David Bruce and Kit Menkin

Kit Menkin, Doug McKenzie, Jon Anderson, Dr. David Bruce,
Rick Cole (Jon Anderson and Rick Cole were originally involved
in Monte Sereno Winery with Kit, circa 1978).


Read a Global Vintage article about David Bruce
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