Chaine des Rotisseurs

June 29, 2001

Antipasti-Pisto Style
fried Monterey Bay anchovies
assorted marinated olives from Jonh's private stock
Monterey Bay sardines ans ziti - baked Palermon style
barbecued Monterey Bay squid
Castroville artichoke salad
marianted octopus
Sicilian caponata

Pinot Grigio - Martin & Weyrich
Central Coast - Paso Robles 2000

Hand-picked Dungeness Crab "Risotto" Style
Acini de Pepe pasta, roasted corn,garlic, Reggiano Parmigano

Akvavit Intermezzo - Skaal!

Fire-Roasted Local Sea Bass with Sicilian marinade
leeks, fennel, wild sea beans, fresh Sierra morels
seafood nage and red pepper rouille

Chardonnay - Sterling Vineyards - Vinter's Collection
Central Coast - Monterey 1999

Monterey's largest Tiramisu

Coffee Service